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SIPP/SSAS Deposit Accounts
By choosing a SIPP or SSAS to save for the future, you or your adviser, can retain complete control to self direct how and where to invest funds within your pension plan...
Prosper Savings Account
Saving for a long-term project or even for a rainy day is always a challenge. With our Prosper Savings Account, you give your savings...
Sustainability Risk Management (SRM)
With our SRM business strategy we align profit goals with our company's environmental policies.

The goal of our SRM business strategy is to make this alignment efficient enough to sustain and grow our business while preserving the environment. One of the chief drivers for SRM adoption is increasing demand for compliance with global and national regulations.

As an Organization implementing SRM, we generally focus on the environmental effects of each business process individually and then look for ways to minimize them. The World Offshore Bank's IT department assists by managing data as it relates to our company's sustainability goals and providing automated auditing and reporting capabilities.

Our effective SRM framework helps management identify emerging issues of concern that may affect supply chain, operations and production. Examples of emerging issues include the availability of renewable energy sources, the depletion of non-renewable resources or changing government regulations.

Social responsibilities

World Offshore Bank aims to have a prominent position as a sustainable bank that takes responsibility for its actions and engagements. We are committed to minimise our own direct impact on planet and people, as well as our indirect impact through the activities of our clients and investments.

In order to achieve this, World Offshore Bank has put a Sustainability Risk Management Framework in place that makes sustainability part of the bank’s business objectives. This Framework consists of a coherent set of policies, guidelines and statements which define World Offshore Bank’s sustainability standards for relevant bank activities (lending, investment, procurement and product development) and the different sectors in which the bank is active.

Better bank
We look after money for people and businesses. That’s a big responsibility, and one we are keen to take in a transparent and socially responsible way.

Better world
World Offshore Bank wants to help build tomorrow’s world. Wherever possible, we use our financial expertise for the benefit of

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ProSaver Account
It’s important to make the most of your savings without putting them at risk. Whether you are looking to save up for a down payment on your home, your children’s education etc...
World offshore Logistics
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