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SIPP/SSAS Deposit Accounts
By choosing a SIPP or SSAS to save for the future, you or your adviser, can retain complete control to self direct how and where to invest funds within your pension plan...
Prosper Savings Account
Saving for a long-term project or even for a rainy day is always a challenge. With our Prosper Savings Account, you give your savings...
Acquisition finance
World Offshore Bank’s Structured Acquisition Finance (SAF) team works with a range of top-tier private equity funds in providing our clients acquisition financing across a number of World Offshore Bank’s markets. Private equity funds, or financial sponsors, represent a huge and increasingly important source of capital with over USD 5.7 trillion in funds under management as of today. These funds play a very important role in many economies, as well as in all of World Offshore Bank’s core markets, and in many situations they are controlling shareholders of long-standing World Offshore Bank corporate relationships. As a reputable player in SAF, World Offshore Bank is a preferred partner.

World Offshore Bank’s SAF team is part of the Specialised Financing Group of Structured Finance. We provide acquisition financing through our teams in Cote d'ivoire, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Paris, Milan and New York.

Arranging, underwriting and booking of acquisition financings are SAF’s core capability. We offer highly structured acquisition financing for private equity; taking the form of senior loans, but can also involve (subordinated) mezzanine debt and high yield bonds and typically include undrawn, committed working capital, capex and acquisition lines. Many of our transactions are underwritten and subsequently sold down to the market, which implies a close co-operation with, among others, World Offshore Bank’s Syndicated Finance, Agency and Ratings Advisory teams.

In addition to arranging and underwriting acquisition financings, SAF always holds a portion of the financing for its own book, and we have a very broadly diversified loan portfolio, both in terms of geography, as well as industries. When business ownership changes, multiple opportunities exist to lock in new side-business. An important aspect of SAF is that we contribute significant cross-sell opportunities on transactions where we lead the financing, in terms of advisory and (high yield) capital markets but also financial markets as well as payments and cash management solutions.

Our Structured Acquisition Finance team guides our clients through the nuances of the merger and acquisition process. We have a network of resources available to facilitate the transaction and can evaluate opportunities and present multiple sources of equity. So, contact us and let us demonstrate how we can support your transaction in every way possible to ensure the greatest value for your business.

    • Highly structured and credit-intensive business of a relatively high risk/reward nature, with substantial cross-sell opportunities
    • Experienced team with broad geographic coverage.
    • Very strong relationships with strategic client base of blue-chip sponsors

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ProSaver Account
It’s important to make the most of your savings without putting them at risk. Whether you are looking to save up for a down payment on your home, your children’s education etc...
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